See you next year KIND+JUGEND!


In September, we started to enter the busiest period of the year, and the world's largest Baby&Kids products exhibition has arrived! This week's grand opening in Cologne, Germany is the children's products exhibition—International Children's Products exhibition Kind+Jugend!


Cologne International Children's Products Exhibition (K + J) was founded in 1960, and it has been developed for more than 50 years.

The show has become the world's largest children's products industry's leading expo, and is recognized as 'the global kaleidoscope of children's products' and 'the world's most professional juvenile products exhibition.

It is not only an important place to understand the global children's industry development trends and market prospects, find professional partners, and expand the international market. It is also the largest baby products exhibition in the world.

The exhibition started at the Cologne International Exhibition Center in Cologne, Germany from September 15-18, 2016. This year is the 25th NOVATEX participating exhibition, which also means that NOVATEX has witnessed the 25th year of the development history of global baby products.


NOVATEX was founded in 1984, we have been committed to providing children with the highest quality products for more than 30 years. Baby Nova, Rock Star Baby and Dentistar, as one of NOVATEX's brands, will also appear at this show?

NOVATEX has participated in Kind + Jugend every year since 1992, and attaches great importance to every Kind + Jugend exhibition. Regardless of the layout at the exhibition or the pursuit of the quality of each product, NOVATEX is committed to it.

Let's take a look at the exhibition



          Finally, I will show a group photo of NOVATEX members.


I would like to thank our partners from all over the world for meeting at the Cologne exhibition in Germany, and look forward to seeing you again next year!